BDpages™ is a comprehensive directory that provides relevant, up to date information for professionals within the business field. Technology today has created an infinite scope of possibilities for communication, and social networking plays a crucial roll in the success of any corporation, small business, or entrepreneur. BDpages™ offers a home base for this community of professionals who share similar interests and lifestyles. BDpages ™ is an online business directory. We Share no professional bias or legal opinions.


The social networks that are linked throughout BDpages ™ make it easy and convenient to share liked information with friends, co-workers, and clients. The networks offered include Facebook and Twitter. Icons for each are provided throughout the site, and in every category to ensure that all information is easily shared. Articles, upcoming events, current events, and comments can all be sent to others by utilizing these social network options. Corporations who have large numbers of employees and clients can utilize the social network capabilities to run a more time efficient business. The user has the ability to choose how and what is shared between others with no limitations.


BDpages ™ provides information on listings, events, classifieds, articles, and coupons. Listings of businesses are categorized in their focused field. Examples of these fields include advertising, environmental, insurance, and health care to name a few. This catalogue of affiliates allows the user to choose a service based on a specific area of business. The user can search for a business based on geographical parameters, or by the 5 star rating tool. Basic listings include; the name of a business, or business, address, phone number, 5 star review rating, email option, and a quicklist option. The social networking tools allow the user to share this information with friends easily and efficiently with the click of a button.


Businesses can advertise their companies by selecting one of four listing template options. Our optimal advertising option is called the “Showcase.” Here, businesses have the ability to market their practices by presenting the largest quantity of information to potential clients. Businesses can post photo galleries, business videos, detailed descriptions, maps, coupons, email links, ratings and reviews, contact information, and contact forms. In addition, they also have the ability to publish their own articles. By publishing articles, businesses can exhibit what they have accomplished, and demonstrate what their capabilities are for future clients. Potential clients benefit from the articles option along with business owners, due to the fact that they can read about similar services, and educate themselves as to what will best suit their needs. Potential clients can read these articles and decide if that particular business is right for them. A Showcase member will be automatically placed at the top of all other listings to guarantee a high traffic volume to their business Ad, and in addition to article publishing capabilities, businesses can offer coupons and discounts for first time customers. Discounts are just another avenue a company can use to promote a business, and appeal to prospective clients.


Potential clients also have the option of submitting questions to BDpages™. This option provides an instant gratification for the user. A user can submit questions online, and receive an immediate response to their questions via email that are legitimate, professional, and from a professional in their field. A user also has the freedom to receive multiple responses from different businesses or professionals to assure that their questions are thoroughly answered, and satisfaction guaranteed. BDpages™ provides a unique service that educates users and members alike, with optimal communication capacities, and relevant, professional information.