Fyza's Alwadi Mediterranean Sandwiches


Fyza's Alwadi Mediterranean Sandwiches skewers hearty Mediterranean fare that packs warm wraps with sizzling veggies and choice shavings of chicken or beef. The dinner package plates the opening course with a choice of hummus or baba gannouj, both rich dips of chickpeas or baked eggplant puréed into a smooth, creamy texture as succulent as a droplet of rain from a cumulous cloud of butter. Kebabs, shawarmas, and falafel platters take dinner's top billing, backed up by a mixed-grill platter that stacks slices of rotisserie-style chicken, beef, and ground beef into an appetizing formation.


4551 Cypress Creek Pkwy
Houston, Texas 77069
United States

Fax: (832)249-1500

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