For the benefit of those we serve, BDpages has created the following policies to maintain the integrity of our site and registered Users. Upon registering for BDpages, you agree to follow the posting policy as outlined below. Each time a registered User posts a job or resume, they will be reminded of these policies. Thank you for understanding and supporting our efforts.


1. Only post genuine job opportunities and resumes representing real people.

2. All job postings must be individual openings for traditional W-2 or 1099 employees.

3. The job postings that BDpages does not allow include, but are not limited to:

         • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
         • Business opportunities, such as Email Processors and Project 21
         • Adult entertainment

4. Postings must contain sufficient details without requiring the job seeker to “email for additional information.”

5. Information included on any posting must be accurate and not contain any misleading information.

6. All postings are a reflection of our registered Users, and require professional language at all times.

7. BDpages does not take responsibility for the content posted by our Users, but does monitor postings on a regular basis to ensure compliance with our posting policy.

8. Postings simply to advertise a company or website should be processed through our Advertisement Sales Department.

9. Users who use BDpages to obtain contact information for the purpose of sending unsolicited commercial emails will have their accounts suspended.

10. Do not share your username and password with others for their use.

11. Users may not sell or provide their individual job/resume posting services to a third party.

12. Users may remove a paid or unpaid listing from™ by either logging on to their account, or by sending an email requesting a listing removal to


Please report any inappropriate postings to BDpages.


Violation of any condition may result in the removal of your account without any warning or notification. Because posting is a privilege, BDpages can suspend that privilege on an individual basis for any reason. Sole discretion of interpreting the posting policy falls on BDpages. BDpages reserves the right to change or add to the posting policy without warning or notification to its Users.